Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau 2nd Edition by Michael R. Kelsey

Liberty Mountain

Introducing the newest, most comprehensive, and simply best southwest technical canyoneering book ever produced by Michael Kelsey! In this all new second edition of Technical Slot Canyons of the Colorado Plateau you will find over 330 pages documenting over 110 different major technical canyons plus many, many smaller (though no less challenging) tributary canyons. Several of the canyons in this edition have never been published before. Divided into nine different geographic regions spread out through both Southern Utah and Northern Arizona (with a few in Western Colorado,) this book will provide many seasons worth of gear wearing, skin scrapping, heart pounding canyoneering adventure to any moderate to expert canyoneer. With over 370 amazing full color photographs this book is also an amazing canyoneering photo pictorial–if the books format was larger you would want to use it as a coffee table book in the off season.

 As point of clarification and warning, this book is not for the beginner, novice, or out of shape canyoneer. This is a technical canyon guidebook. All canyons found in this guidebook require moderate to advanced climbing techniques and a majority of the canyons require the use of rope and or other specialized equipment to safety traverse them. For canyons that do not require a higher degree of climbing know-how or specialized gear see Kelsey’s Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau.

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