Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau 7th Edition by Michael R. Kelsey

Liberty Mountain

With 20 new mapped regions and an additional 48 pages, Mike Kelsey has expanded his best selling guidebook: Non-Technical Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau.  In this 7th edition, many new hikes feature rock art & Anasazi ruins that will bring the history and mystery of the Plateau alive.  Some of the new scenic and fotogenic hikes include Cedar Breaks, Kanarra Creek, Paradise Slot (filled with fotogenic logs), and Grand Falls on the Little Colorado River–which is 5 meters higher than Niagara Falls!   Other new scenic hikes include the Honaker Trail, Between the Creeks Loop, Upper Muley Twist Canyon, the Six Hole Arch & Two Mile Canyon along the Green River, and Clearwater Canyon’s Rock Art.  Other short hikes to Anasazi or Puebloan III habitation sites include 4 canyons real close to Blanding, Utah–none of which have been discussed before by anyone.  Other areas include rock art that you drive to–or nearly to; some of these include Thompson Canyon, and rock art sites along the Green River, both north and south of the town of Green River.  This enlarged edition has over 480 color fotos, many of which are new to this edition.  Also, although the hikes that are considered technical—where ropes and rappelling gear are required—have been removed and placed in Kelsey’s other top-selling guidebook, Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau, 2nd Edition; two of the more adventurous outings still remain in this 7th Edition—the Black Hole in White Canyon near Lake Powell, and West Canyon, from the south side of Lake Powell.  So, whether you’re new to hiking and/or canyoneering on the Colorado Plateau, or just an old desert rat, this new edition is a welcome update.

464 pages, 485 photographs, perfect bound, 15cms x 23cms (6″x9″), ISBN 978-0944510-34-6

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