Kahtoola Connect Gaiter


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CONNECT Gaiters are available in two heights, low and intermediate; both are made from a lightweight, water-resistant, durable stretch-woven nylon fabric for a snug, low-profile fit that still enables full freedom of movement.  Both gaiters are designed to be used with either NANOspikes or MICROspikes traction products.

MICROspikes and NANOspikes already have dependable attachment points through the aid of their upper, elastomer (stretch) harness.  Six unique, low-profile nylon clips are specifically designed to attach and fasten over the MICROspikes and NANOspikes upper harness are sewn onto the inside bottom hem of the gaiter.  The clips are strategically placed to comfortably and reliably secure the gaiter to the harness creating a covered seal that keeps snow, slush and ice out of your shoes.

After fastening the gaiter to the harness, a lightweight, asymmetrical zipper keeps the zipper off of your forefoot as your ankle flexes, minimizing bunching of the zipper as well as providing an easy method of putting the gaiters on -- and taking them off -- without having to remove your shoes (or even your MICROspikes or NANOspikes).  For ease of use, the zipper closes down to the hem.  Once the gaiter is attached to your MICROspikes or NANOspikes, it naturally stays fastened to the upper harness or can easily be removed.  A simple flap behind the zipper provides additional protection from winter elements permeating the zipper.

Finally, an elasticized drawcord closure at top of the gaiter ensures the elements won’t slip in from the top.  A toggle-lock secures the drawcord.

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