DMM Nylon Sling (16mm x 120cm)


Where weight is less of an issue Nylon comes into its own. The Nylon 16mm has the same strength as our Dyneema slings, but because there is physically more material they offer a greater safety margin should the sling be dragged over a sharp edge.

The extra width of the nylon sling also has a curious psychological advantage. Instructors have reported back to us that beginners are more comfortable using wider slings, even if the strength rating is the same.

If you have to keep to a tight budget then Nylon is a good option, especially if you need to source a large number of slings.

Video: How to Break Nylon & Dyneema® Slings

iDAvailable with DMM iD — integrated RFID technology


Colors will vary including Red, blue, or black

  • 16mm Nylon tape
  • Same strength as Dyneema slings
  • Can be knotted
  • Suitable for centre use
  • Available as 12cm, 18cm, 60cm, 120cm and 240cm open slings

Collections: Under $20, Webbing

Category: Nylon, Sling

Type: Sling

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