DMM Mantis Belay Device


The classic belay device made better. Using the same high performance internal geometry as the Pivot, the Mantis is an incredibly lightweight belay device for use with either single or half ropes in situations where direct belaying is not required; perfect for the climbing wall and general cragging. The carefully sculpted rope grooves offer a greater grip on ropes from 7.3mm to 11mm, the rope slots allow easy loading, and the rear of the device ensures adequate lift-off for snag-free paying out. If you are after a lightweight, high performance all-rounder, then the Mantis fits the bill perfectly.


  • High performance belay device
  • Two friction modes for varying applications
  • Super lightweight at 45g
  • Three colourways (BLT, Orange, Purple)
  • Compatible with half ropes from 7.3mm to 9.2mm
  • Compatible with single ropes from 8.5mm to 11mm

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