DMM Dyneema Sling (11mm x 60cm)


Dyneema is a remarkable material and it is true to say that it has revolutionised sling production. It has several advantages over the traditional nylon webbing. For a start it is incredibly light and strong, it is also less susceptible to UV degradation and is more abrasion resistant.

There are other advantages too which will help you when you are out on the crag. The skinny profile of the tape means that you can take advantage of much narrower threads and the sling is less likely to slide off marginal spike placements.

Video: How to Break Nylon & Dyneema® Slings


Colors will vary including red/white, blue/white, gold/white and green/white.

  • 11mm Dyneema tape
  • Light and strong
  • Available in 12cm, 18cm and 25cm asymmetric quickdraws with rubber tadpole biner captor
  • Available as 60cm, 120cm and 240cm open slings
Variant Strength Cat No
Dyneema 11mm x 12cm 22kN SP1112AS
Dyneema 11mm x 18cm 22kN SP1118AS
Dyneema 11mm x 25cm 22kN SP1125AS
Dyneema 11mm x 18cm Open 22kN SP1118OP
Dyneema 11mm x 25cm Open 22kN SP1125OP
Dyneema 11mm x 30cm 22kN SP1130
Dyneema 11mm x 60cm 22kN SP1160
Dyneema 11mm x 120cm 22kN SP11120
Dyneema 11mm x 240cm 22kN SP11240

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Category: Dyneema, Sling

Type: Sling

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