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Heading into bear country can seem frightening . . . but it doesn't have to be. This handy, packable guide will show you preventive measures that can reduce your chances of coming across a bear and techniques that can minimize your risk of being injured. With Bear Aware you'll learn how to safely hike and camp in bear country, store food to keep campsites bear free, and handle close encounters. The book also offers special precautions for hunters, anglers, mountain bikers, trail runners, outfitters, photographers, vacationers, and cabin owners, and provides specific regulations for the national parks.

This guide contains advice on:
Bear Mythology--Separating Fact from Fiction
Hiking in Bear Country
Camping in Bear Country
Special Regulations in National Parks
Special Precautions for Women
Special Precautions for Hunters, Anglers and Outfitters, Mountain Bikers, and Photographers
How to Handle Close Encounters
Living or Vacationing in Bear Country 
Working in Bear Country

Instead of taking fear with you, take Bear Aware.

[quote from book]

"Knowledge is the best defense against bears. Outdoors people who know about bears have already taken the vital first step. They know what kind of equipment to bring, how to set up camp, when and where to hike and be more careful, and which bear and human behaviors increase the chance of an encounter. And the well informed can more easily deal with any encounter."


About Schneider, Bill


Bill Schneider has spent forty years hiking trails in bear country. He has written twenty books and hundreds of magazine articles on wildlife, outdoor recreation, and conservation issues. 

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